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Scivelation(pronounced "Sci-vel-lation")is set in a bleak, dystopian future and under the watchful eye of the Regime, a power-hungry and harshly strict organization that enforces its oppressive rule upon citizens of the world from floating cathedral-like-fortresses known as Sky Cities. Scivelationbeing a fully-envisioned, content-rich title and featuring exceptional action/adventure in a Third Person experience will dive into philosophical and morality of what it means to be human and in control of one's own fate. As an action/shooter, Scivelation has been designed to offer familiar, yet improved game play mechanics to appeal to the core gamer demographic. Yet, does not shroud the deep and meaningful story that unfolds as the player delves into the game experience.Scivelationcontains highly detailed and attractive playable characters, a vast array of visual effects and post-effects, a painstakingly constructed in-depth fiction, and a futuristic take on a wide range of real-world geographic locations throughout Europe and Asia; all of which is made possible with the Unreal Engine 3 spanning six full story acts for an8 to 9 hour gaming experience.